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The day began with the celebration of Mass by Fr. Ismael Matambura a Jesuit Priest. Being advent time, the readings of the mass are arranged according to the themes of hope, preparation, joy and love “Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11, II Peter 3:8-14 and Mark 1:1-8. “Preparing the way of Christ means sharing the good news, comforting one another, strengthening the rugged mountains and hills of jealousy, anger, pride, lies, drug abuse, fornication, sex education, pornography, abortion, and such things”, says Fr. Ismael



Besides the solemn moment with God, the visiting team was keen to at least add one more life skill to the jubilant girls.Fr. Ismael started us off with a further emphasis on the need to appreciate God’s good plan for every individual where he created out of love and entrusted the world to man. He would proceed to impress on the girls the need to have a positive outlook about life in spite of challenges. He also talked about the need to have a balanced life in all dimensions: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social which are necessary if one is to undertake fully the responsibility God has bequeathed on them.



In his message, ’ruggedness’ also refers to laziness, lack of enthusiasm in prayer life, fear, lack of passion, motivation, and lack of respect for elders.” One may not be prepared for examinations if they do not have self-belief. ‘One should also believe in his God-given capacity to do good’. Fr. Ismael echoes.



Steve Arodi and Caleb Mwamisi both from AJAN – African Jesuits AIDS Network teamed up to engage the girls in a session that explored Sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and Drug Abuse. The ladies weighed in with their points and it made the session very impactful.



Sr. Rose pleaded with the girls to live an exemplary intentional life of wisdom. Using the example of a pencil, she exemplified the need to keep their lives in the hand of God as He is best-placed to develop good fruit out of them, being the designer of it.

The afternoon saw a Question & Answer session where students posed questions which were randomly responded to by a panel of the day’s trainers. Afterwards, there was a healing session where students were guided to reconcile with their past, sought forgiveness with God, and dedicated their lives to begin a new chapter as they await progression to university.

“The training was very educative and helpful. Students obtained clarity on many issues affecting their lives. They desire more of the same in the near future.” Fed back Mrs.Kiruja who had kept away from the sessions to enhance ease for student participation.