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Mercy Education office is an active member of ADAPKE which is a registered membership organization promoting evidence based prevention intervention to members and wider society. The organization works closely with NACADA which is the national body that campaigns against drug and substance abuse. The group held several meetings in 2019 and MEO hosted the May in St. Catherine’s primary school attended by 21 participants from different organizations. Mercy Education office through the representation of its coordinator happens to be part of governing board. Key agendas for the day included deliberations on a better name for the organization. It was in this meeting that members concluded to change the name from prevention practitioners’ network of Kenya (PPNK to Alcohol and drug abuse prevention Practitioners of Kenya (ADAPKE)

The group is mainly operational in Nairobi but there is a will to have braches in Siaya, Nakuru, Kiambu and Nyeri counties. In the meeting, members also came up with thematic groups for efficient operation which are; Research policy and advocacy, Capacity building and resource mobilization and Networking and partnerships. All members were urged to take up one area and be active in their areas of engagement.

ADAPKE also launched their first magazine on 13th November 2019 at Shalom house. Members are working on finalizing the registration issues and training of TOTs is being planned together with NACADA.