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The AJAN (African Jesuit AIDS Network) AHAPPY (Ajan HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for Youth) the program is based on the teaching of the Catholic Church and inspired by Ignatian pedagogy. It seeks to reflect on the integral development of young people by equipping them with knowledge, skills and values to develop their potential and become successful in an AIDS free society. The program highlights the five dimensions of a person, emotional intelligence, drugs and substance abuse, positive relationships, challenges every young African faces, importance of viewing life from Gods perspective as stipulated in the gospel, African Traditional view of life, importance of values for everyday living among other relevant topics for the youth. The Program is carried out in Mercy secondary schools. The programs mode of training is fun and interactive using PowerPoint presentations, lectures, group discussions and student’s presentations. This year we have been to St. Michael’s Secondary School and OLM Girls Sec Shauri Moyo and MPC Skills Center reaching 900 students with the AHAPPY Program.