Chastity Confence 2019

Chastity Conference 2019

Every year, Sisters of Mercy Education Office takes part in Chastity Conference by mobilizing students from Mercy associated schools to attend this important occasion. This is in line with Mercy mission to provide value and ethical based education which contributes to the holistic development of the full potential of each student. This year, the event took place Saturday 9th February 2019 starting at 8:30am to encourage a chaste lifestyle among the young people especially those in secondary schools, colleges and universities. The theme was “FACING THE CHALLENGE OF PORNOGRAPHY.” with the main purpose of the conference being to reflect with the youth on the challenges of living a chaste life in a society where pornographic materials are becoming too available and to generate ideas from the young people on how to make chastity fashionable among their peers with pornography being the single most antithesis of chastity today, the youths would be able to acquire an insight on how to live chastity in a pornographic world. A total of 209 students from St. Michael’s secondary, OLM Ngarariga girls’, OLM Secondary South B, St. Anne’s Girls’ Secondary School Huruma Girls’ and Eucharistic Youth Movement attended the conference.

Key activities included; Talk on the challenge of pornography and possible remedies, Gendered and Age based interaction with professional life and family counselors, Edutainment and Chastity Trivia.

The main speaker was Dr. Wahome who emphasized on the need to guard ourselves against pornographic content by all means. He highlighted that catechism teaches that pornography is a grave offense which is a mortal sin and gives three reasons why pornography is wrong and sinful; Pornography offends against the virtue of chastity which calls for each Christian to respect the sanctity of his own human sexuality, which involves the integration of his physical and spiritual being. Secondly, pornography offends the dignity of participants (actors, vendors, the public) by exploiting himself or exploits others in some way for personal pleasure or gain. Finally, those who engage in pornography immerse themselves in a fantasy world thus withdrawing from the reality.

Dr. Wahome urged students to pray for the virtue of chastity by begging the Lord for the grace to be chaste and to respect the dignity of all individuals especially those members of the opposite sex. If we fail and purposely participate in some form of pornography or accept some form of pornographic imagery or thoughts, we need to repent, go to confession and receive absolution.