Child protection & safeguarding

a)Safe guarding Training for Mercy Schools and Ministries 

For the Sisters of Mercy we strive to ensure all children and vulnerable people under our care are given proper care and safeguarded from harm of any kind. Therefore we set out to train and give refresher courses to teachers and Staff working in Sisters of Mercy owned or associated ministries. During our Safeguarding meeting in January, the Kenya Province Safeguarding committee made a calendar following our three year (2018-2020) plan to roll out all the necessary trainings. Due to the nature of MPC we took it as a priority area and came up with a program that was discussed with the MPC director and other Managers. Once all was in place the training for all the schools’ staff and other MPC staff started in at the beginning of April. Since then more cases of abuse have been reported which is positive impact of the training.                                                                                                                                                               



b) Nairobi Child Protection Team Meetings

Mercy Education office works closely with NCPT a body that is made of  different partners who have vast expertise in specific aspects of safeguarding and protection. These includes Doctors Lawyers, councillors both form private and State bodies who come together every qutre for meetings and debrifeing but keep communication going throughout as cases arise. For better working and concentration in specific areas the team is also divided in four thematic areas ie psychosocia, treatment, prevention and education. On  5th March MEO was represented at a semnar  that looked at the “Positive Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse at Swedish school.

After that meeting a subgroup of organisations intrested in prention through Eduation met and plans have been progressing. This will include trainning for members while working with children in primary and secondary school to tackle the matter that is posing great risk to te country with many young children getting into addictive behavious and their consequencies.

There was also a meeting on Tuesday, 17th September at refugee point, Nairobi which focused on rights of children with disabilities. Kepha from the National council for people with disabilities noted that Children with disabilities should be made visible to the public and should be registered for as those living with disabilities. He urged people to audit their premises if they are disability friendly and to advocate and promote sensitization and awareness for children living with disabilities

On the 26th November the network held their end year meeting and this was an opportunity to gauge the achievement and challenges for 2019 as well as come with way forward for 2020