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As part of the Nairobi Child Protection Team, mercy education office representatives and MPC representatives attended the debriefing session which took place at the Terre des Homme offices along Wood Avenue off Ngong Road. The objective was to bring together a network of individuals who work with children and to give psychosocial support to social workers, counselors, lawyers, children officers and helping professionals dealing with child protection issues. The debriefing session area of discussion was how to help individuals handling children issues to have a platform where they can talk about traumatic experiences and incidents that they encounter in the line of duty. The session was very interactive and helpful as some of the participants were overwhelmed with the cases they were handling on a daily basis. The facilitator was a practicing psychologist Marcellina Obudo (Director, RESCO Counselors) she highlighted the importance of supervision and therapy for those working with children to avoid burn out, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, work stress, anger and other emotional and psychological issues that affect individuals who work with children that have experienced traumatic events such as rape, defilement, sodomy, physical and emotional abuse and sexual exploitation