Human Dignity Curriculum

In January 2019, Mercy Education organized and hosted two separate meetings where World Youth Alliance offices first met with the primary schools head teachers and in the second one met with the Principals from the Secondary schools and Commercial Colleges.   The Meetings were to discuss how the Human Dignity Curriculum would be embraced in the Mercy Associated Schools. This is because we believe in the sanctity of life and dignity of every person, that a person has value and worth that is intrinsic to all human beings. This dignity exists regardless of physical ability, intellectual capacity, gender, race, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, circumstances of life and experiences and therefore every person ought to be treated fairly and with respect. Children need to be taught on the importance of upholding human dignity from a tender age hence MEO together with schools head teachers and principals saw the importance of incorporating this program in their schools.

The human dignity curriculum would be taught in a child friendly environment by incorporating songs, poems and tales that would enable the child to understand the content while ensuring that learning is lively. In the secondary schools the clubs format would work better. From the two meetings it was found that Teachers would be instrumental in implementing this curriculum. Hence it was agreed that each school would send at least three teachers for three days residential training. Mercy Education would provide the venue, accommodation and meals while WAY would provide trainers. For the two meetings held at Mercy Education office tea and lunch were provided by MEO.

Human Dignity Curriculum Training

This was a residential training took place from  24th  to 26th January 2019 at AOSK Tumaini Centre which was one of the action points that were brought forward during the meetings with head teachers and principals from Mercy associated schools. A total of 45 participants drawn from teachers in Mercy associated primary and secondary schools, MEO staff and World Youth Alliance attended the training. The aim of this activity was to train teachers who would then teach their students on Human Dignity ensuring that they learn to treat themselves and others in a more dignified way. The training was done by facilitators from World Youth Alliance who have got vast knowledge on protection and respect for human dignity. After the training, all teachers were tasked to send feedback and action points on how they shall implement the curriculum in their schools to Mercy Education Office. Nearly all schools have responded and implementation shall kick off in second term.