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Historical Background

The Sisters of Mercy founded the Huruma Girl’s High School in 1964 .This was necessitated by the sad plight of many girls who finished their primary education and could not get chances in the few secondary schools in Makadara area. The situation touched the heart of Sisters of Mercy who through Sr. Stella McCormack founded Huruma Girls High School. She started with a community of 40 girls in a classroom belonging to Our Lady of Mercy Shauri Moyo Primary school. They stayed there for the first three months and later moved to a hall at our Lady of Visitation Church under the late Archbishop John Njenga who was the Parish priest at the time.

In the meantime construction of the school began at a section of Sisters of Mercy at Makadara. While Bulldozers leveled and removed stones in the marshy area, the girls gave a hand at this tedious work by clearing the smaller ones .In 1965, the buildings consisted of two classrooms, a small store, an office and a staff room and the Huruma community moved in.

The Sisters of Mercy in collaboration with the government and other people of good will continued to develop the school over the years. In 1974 the school attained a double stream status while the management  was taken over by the government under the sponsorship of the (Sisters of Mercy) Catholic Church. The school continued growing as a day school as the presence of Sisters of Mercy in the teaching staff continued until 2003.


Since then  Huruma girls has grown into a full boarding school  with three stream status  and the  Sisters  of Mercy have continued to support the school by having representatives in the BOM and programs  organized by Mercy Education Office (MEO). The enrolment has been as follows:

2020: 830 pupils

2019: 787 pupils

2017: 567 pupils

School motto

Self discipline promotes excellence


To be a leading institution for molding girls in academics, talent related skills, social responsibility and spiritual matters.


We are a public, Catholic sponsored school imparting knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to the girl making her independent, disciplined and empowered to face the future with confidence.


Our core values are DISTINCT




T-team work

I-integration and social responsibility


C-student Centered

T-Time optimization and consciousness

Core functions

1. Ensuring implementation of the curriculum through teaching and learning

2. Ensuring regular and efficient testing and evaluation of the curriculum

3. Nurturing of students talents through co-curricular activities.

4. Maintaining high standards of discipline by ensuring students adhere to schools and regulations.

5. Nurturing students’ spiritual and social well-being through pastoral programs and through the strengthening of the guidance of counseling department.

6. Laying emphasis on the three domains of academia; Cognitive, Psycho motor and effective domains to ensure development of an all-round student.

Overall Goal

To make Huruma Girls a model school of choice, empowering the girl child through delivery of quality tuition, co-curricular activities and spiritual nourishment.

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