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The Interfaith Green Festival webinar on 25th September 2020 4:00PM- 6:00PM gave space to young climate activists i.e children and students to address issues related to climate justice in an artistic way through poems, spoken words, songs , drawings with climate messages e.t.c. Student representatives in various Sisters of Mercy associated schools as well as youths who are part of Mercy community actively participated. Participants lit candles to show their solidarity with victims of climate change and Covid-19. They also passed clear messages such as #Africa is not a dumpster #RefuellingAfrica #JustRecovery #AfricaVuka #SeasonofCreation #Faith4Earth among others. The event was aired live on You tube and Facebook handles provided in the featured poster.

The overall objective of this event was to demonstrate the opposition to any fossil fuel projects and build awareness on 100% renewable energy and advocate for justice recovery. Various climate activists such as GCCM, Africa Vuka were part of the webinar. To watch the full recorded webinar click here