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The training took place on 18th and 25 of August to highlight issues regarding internet safety for children and young people . In the era of information communication Technology (ICT) many young people are becoming more techno savvy . in essence there are millions of children who are directly or indirectly able to access some form of digital communication such as use of phones which are easily available in most Kenyan homes . The accessibility of the internet provides vast opportunities for young people to research and interact with friends but also presents major risks such as cyber bullying ,online child sexual abuse ,suicidal game challenges such as blue whale challenge, online violence games ,online recruitment into crime gangs and radicalization , internet addiction and sexting which is common among youth .The training was offered by media Net Works and ISOK( Internet society of Kenya)aimed at raising awareness on online child abuse , highlighting risks ,vulnerability and perpetration of online child abuse ,build capacity for participants to help prevent and respond to Online Child Sexual Abuse (OCSA) and identify sighs of child abuse and internet addiction among other children and young people . The training will help in sensitize teachers , parents and students.