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The Laudato Si’ Animators program trains and inspires local volunteers to bring Catholic teaching on climate change into local communities. 

Animators come from all walks of life. Students and retirees, clergy people and lay people, climate experts and climate amateurs, everyone has a home in the Laudato Si’ Animators program.

Laudato Si’ Animators course, which is offered to provide training to Catholics of all walks of life who want to know how to do more to bring Laudato Si’ to life in their communities.

Animators will see their deep connections to climate change –and to the movement that’s solving it.

They will also practice leadership in their communities and reflect on their growth together as they connect to their faith and the values they hold dear, dedicate themselves to a lifelong journey of ecological conversion, protecting others and the common home we share.

After learning from experts and environmental leaders through online training’s trainees will get support for taking action to enliven their local communities, be recognized as Laudato Si’ animators and receive a certificate of completion where they will join a global network of Catholics committed to bringing Laudato Si’  to life.