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Teenage years are a time of curiosity, experimentation and self-discovery and many young people go through the formation of personal identity and these could cause confusion, low self-esteem and other psychological and emotional issues that come with the transition from childhood to a more mature abstract way of being a young adult. It is critical to give the right information and facts about the various developmental changes expected during this transition, that involves the whole person in their; physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects. Hence coping, social, communication as well as life skills are important for helping them work through these concepts of identity formation.

During the year 2017 many schools country wide experienced challenges including issues of  indiscipline among students, drugs and substance abuse, some teenage pregnancies even from primary schools  and some school drop outs who join criminal gangs such as Gaza and Portmore. This has high precedence among Mukuru pupils and students whose standard of life is poor and crime rate is high.  In some schools materials were confiscated by teachers and some pupils sent home on suspension and counseling. It is these experiences among the students that we are trying to alleviate by engaging students in discussions about the challenges they face and offering guidance and counseling and training teachers to help them counter these issues.

 During the year the office

  • Engaged , MPC and  other Mercy associated schools Covering topics on Self Awareness, Personal Hygiene, Human Development and Human Sexuality, Positive Relationships, Drugs and Substance Abuse, HIV/ AIDS and STIs, Abstinence and Behavior Change
  • Organized training and workshops to equip teachers and parents on pertinent issues affecting children and youth
  • Worked with partners  such as ANPPCAN (African Network for the prevention and protection against Child Abuse and Neglect), HAART (Awareness Against human Trafficking), AJAN (African AIDS Jesuit Network) –AHAPPY program