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This was a week conference held at United Nations headquarters in Gigiri from 11th -15th March 2019. In attendance was Mercy Education Office assistant project officer together with partners from Justice Peace and integrity of creation (JPIC) under the umbrella ‘Faith for Earth’ dialogue. This was a forum that brought together delegates representing a wide variety of religions and denominations across the globe to share and discuss matters relating to climate change and other environmental crises such as conflict and bad governance in the world and to come up with possible solutions to these calamities.

Faith can play a big role in tackling climate change and promoting sustainability. It is proven that about 80% of the world’s population subscribe to a certain religion hence religion has great opportunity to sensitize people to be lovers and protectors of the environment. Alluding to fact that religious persons tend to be believed more than ordinary ones, they need to use their power of influence to their followers. This is for example by urging them to incorporate positive practices such as planting trees that link them to special rites of passage such as birth of a child, baptism, marriage, funeral etc. in their daily lives. This will to a great extent salvage the environmental crises we are all encountering and help to protect environment and make our mother earth a beautiful place for all creatures to live in harmony.