Mary Immaculate Rehab

Mary Immaculate Centre, South B was opened in 1996 to rehabilitate street boys of that area for 12 months and if possible to integrate them into the formal education system and back into their families. At the start, about 80 boys were catered for at the Centre for the one-year programme, 20 of whom were accommodated there at nighttime Tracing families can take many months. Each year the Rehab Centre Social Worker’s recruit boys from the streets, some of whom have drug addictions.  The catchment areas includes South B, South C, Nairobi West, Fuata Nyayo, Kayaba, Lunga Lunga, Reuben and Mukuru Kwa Njenga. .

In 1994 a group of doctors from Trnava University Slovakia and Slovak businessmen set up Mary Immaculate Clinic on the same compound as Mercy Education Office,St. Catherine School and Mary Immaculate Clinic. Apart from treating ordinary illnesses, the clinic also has a comprehensive HIV/AIDS programme in place.