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Mercy Global Presence expresses in faith and in action the Mission of Mercy that continues to inspire, call and animate us in our collaboration with others for the achievement of universal communion.

The Resources for the Section Earth and Integral Ecology which are now available call us to:

  • To behold the bow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.
  • To a profound change in the way we live our human and Mercy lives.
  • To be an inclusive human presence, open to the Divine and awake to the mystery of all life.
  • To be God’s heartbeat.
  • To remember the sacredness of water.
  • To embrace an integrated approach for an integral ecology.

The inspiration and energies of the Sisters of Mercy, associates, colleagues and partners worldwide” were gathered in a reflection on “Mercy and Faith Traditions.”

’We are in Need of Respirators Urgently!’ The images of oceans and marine species suffocating from plastic debris, our experience in this pandemic time with hospitals struggling to find enough ventilators to support very ill people with the COVID-19 virus, and the stark memory of the death of George Floyd crying out “I can’t breathe”, all come together to remind us yet again that the cry of Earth and the cry of the Poor are visibly and sadly one.

The cry of Earth and the cry of the Poor are one. The image of the mother of Mercy holding in her embrace those with the COVID-19 virus, their loved ones and the healthcare workers, was yet another source of hope and a reminder of the depth of our tradition in grounding that hope.