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Mukuru Promotion Centre helps more than 6000 children and adults everyday by providing education, healthcare and social rehabilitation services.
For more than 30 years the centre has been part of the Mukuru community in the informal settlement of Nairobi. Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, in the spirit of their foundress Catherine McAuley, MPC offers vital services that give children, adults and families hope for a better future.

About M.P.C.
Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) is a church based charitable organisation domiciled in Nairobi, Kenya. It is headquartered in South B, Nairobi, situated along Likoni Road 1.5 Km off Mombasa road, bordering Mukuru Kayaba slum on the far end. It was founded by Catholic Sisters of Mercy in 1985 to do charity and provide basic services in Mukuru slum.
Theslums of Mukuru are home to over 400,000 people. Most of these people leave their rural homes because of poverty and with a hope of finding work. Some are successful but the majority, being unskilled and uneducated, remain jobless. They live in very poor shacks mostly made from corrugated iron sheets; some however resort to cardboard or plastic materials to provide shelter. Many are one-roomed houses that are approximately ten by ten feet and have no sanitation or running water. There is no waste collection and most of the waste, household and other, goes directly into the nearby river. Current statistics show that over 50% of Nairobi’s population lives in slum conditions. Slum dwellers pay rent for their shacks to landlords. There is no space for children to play. There are no recreation facilities for adults or children with the exception of bars, video shops and pool tables. Many turn to local brew, drugs and crime.It is these situations and an appeal of a school by the community to help keep their children out of the streets that moved the Sisters of Mercy to start the Mukuru Promotion Centre charitable organisation.

Primary Education
From the beginning MPC has focused on education. “It is a right for all children and not a privilege” as the United Nations Millennium goals states: education can improve societies and empower individuals to improve their lives. At MPC, more than 5500 children attend one of the four Mukuru primary schools in our catchment area. While primary education is free under the Kenyan Constitution and Education Act(2013) there are other costs- firewood, school outings that prevent parents from sending their children to school. Your support can help the children of Mukuru to overcome these obstacles and get on the pathway to a brighter future.
Thanks to our sponsorship program, more than 5000 pupils receive primary school education, with almost 400 students attending secondary classes and 250 more in day and boarding schools. Many donations go towards sponsoring a child’s education- a lifelong gift.

Our mission is to build a strong, individual relationship with all of our students, and to support them through the various stages of education. We also reach out to adult learners, most of whom have never had access to basic education, but who can now develop valuable reading and writing skills with us.

The Clinic (MIC) provides outpatient services including medical consultation, minor surgery, medical laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, VCT and a nutrition centre for malnourished people.
MIC also provides community- based primary healthcare to the residents of the Mukuru slums, where two nurses attend clinics in 11 villages on a rotating day basis. Through this program, MPC manages to treat 4000 children under the age of 5 as well as 2730 adults, conducting over 200 home visits and 187 referrals every year.

Social Rehabilitation Services
MPC is also home to a rehabilitation centre for boys aged 8-17, offering non-formal education, support services, technical training and a safe place of sanctuary for boys who have been rejected by their families. Here, our mission is to encourage and show the children that they have an alternative to a life on the dangerous streets of Mukuru. Our team of social workers are at the forefront of reforming and reintegrating boys back into society, while our social outreach program helps many parents and guardians with basics such as clothing and food.
MPC relies on the support of our donors to change the lives of the people of Mukuru. Any donations, no matter how small, can help us make a difference.

Mukuru Promotion Centre
New Likoni Road, Industrial Area
PO Box 17837-00500
Nairobi, Kenya
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