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The Mercy Education Office is a member of the Nairobi Child Protection Team (NCPT). NCPT is a critical network in child protection
whose main objective is to bring together organizations and individuals working with children to form a strong network for child
protection in Nairobi and to deliberate on pertinent issues affecting children in the country. A lot of information is gathered, shared
and referrals made. It is also a place of learning and engaging with partner organizations to help protect children from abuse and
exploitation. We attended four meetings; the first meeting was on
(A) 3rd of March, 2017 at the Mathare Children’s Fund in Mathare. Issues discussed included; Child Trafficking that has increased
in the recent past, Exploitation of Children with disabilities who engage in begging, Increase of the number of Street
Children within Nairobi City, Teachers and child protection, Information gathering and making appropriate referrals. The
second meeting was held on 14th June 2017, at the UNHCR Head Quarters in Westland’s. The agenda of the meeting was to
organize the celebrations for the Day of the African Child (DAC).
DAC celebrations are held every year in Africa to commemorate the 16th June 1976 students uprising in Soweto, South Africa where more than
ten thousand black school children matched in the streets protesting against the poor quality of education and demanding for their right to be
taught in their own language. More than one hundred were killed and thousands injured in the two weeks of demonstrations. This led to its

recognition by the OAU (Organization of African Unity) now AU, and its first initiation in 1991. The celebrations bring together organizations,
government agencies, foreign embassies and NGO’s to discuss challenges and opportunities towards the full realization of children’s rights. The
celebrations were organized in collaboration with UNHCR, Nairobi Child Protection Team and the Department of Children Services Nairobi
County. This year’s DAC was held at the St. Joseph’s Pry school Korogocho, Kasarani Sub County. The theme was “The 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable development for Children in Africa

(C) The third NCPT event was a two day Training 13th – 14th September, on “Strengthening Protection Of Children From Abuse
& Harm” The training was in collaboration with The GVRC (Gender Violence Recovery Center) a wing of the Nairobi
Women’s Hospital, Child line Kenya and ANPPCAN (African network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse
and Neglect). Members were encouraged to sensitize children on their rights and to report abuse when it occurs for justice to
be served. They also noted that various organizations have brilliant child protection policies on their desks but
implementation of those policies has become a challenge either due to the financial resources required to implement the
policy or due to lack of competent and committed personnel to implement the policies.
The training was vital for the education office on how to formulate and implement child protection programs that are
relevant; accessing, evaluating and monitoring their workability and measuring their outcome. Carrying out research and
gathering data on child protection issues could help strategize further on implementation of child protection policy within
the education ministry. Child led initiatives could help reach a greater number of students and increase sensitization and
advocating of children’s rights and responsibilities.