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  • Computer packages
  • Dressmaking
  • Tailoring
  • Hairdressing
  • Beauty therapy
  • Literacy in English
  • Basic accounts
  • Art work
  • Life skills

We also have support subjects like

  • Patch work
  • Basic English
  • Basic accounts
  • Life Skills
  • Library

N/B. And all the classes have a day to learn computer and we also have guiding and counseling and all the classes takes two years.

Our school fees is very minimal at present as follows:

Computer class we charge           – 4500

Dressmaking and Tailoring         – 5500

Hairdressing and Beauty therapy- 8500

From the school fees we provide uniform, i.e skirt and blouse and a sweater.


The story of Nuu V.T.C began in 1980. That year Nuu was made a Parish with it’s own church and compound. Previously it had been an outstation of Mutitu Parish. Fr. Joseph Cantwell was the priest in-charge and it was decided that it would be good to have sisters to work in the parish.

Bishop William Dunne wrote to the Bishop of Kilalloe, in Ireland asking if there would be any Sisters from his Diocese willing to come to work in Nuu. The Mercy Sisters agreed and sent four sisters Sr. Patricia O’Meara, Sr. Breda Naughton, Sr. Anne Concidine and Nuala Galvin.

Sr. Anne Considine began a typing and commercial school in this space in 1981 where Nuu V.T.C. stands today. She built one room and bought a few machines (typewriters) and work started. The number of students was small but they were trained well and did an examination at the end of the course. She also got a few sewing machines and began Dressmaking and Tailoring classes. There was no accommodation and the students stayed in cubes in town.

In 1984 the school was registered in Social Services in Kitui. Sr. Anne returned to Ireland in 1995 for personal reasons and Sr. Carmel Burke came to replace her. Sr. Carmel stayed for two years.

In 1987 Sr. Veronica Quigley came to replace Sr. Carmel Burke and stayed for 10years of delightful teaching. She worked very hard to develop Nuu V.T.C.

In 1989 she built cubes to accommodate 28 students and one matron. As the years went by she constructed more classrooms, dining hall and more cubes. At the moment the school can accommodate 60 students and one matron.

In 1988 Mercy commercial school was set up in Nguutani and the commercial classes were discontinued in Nuu. From there remained a Center for Dressmaking and Tailoring.

1994 Sr. Noreen Orourke came while Sr. Veronica was studying in Ireland. She built the staff house. In 1997 Sr. Veronicah came back from Ireland. In 1998 Sr. Veronica was asked to become a Principal of Mercy Girls Kipkelion and Mrs. Dorcas K. Titus was appointed to be the Headmistress of Nuu V.T.C. with Sr. Esther Mburu as a representative of Sisters of Mercy.

In 1998 the first Advisory Committee was set-up with 8 members. The Chairman appointed was Mr. Patrick Maundu.

In 2003 Sr.Dorcas left the school  and Sr. Bernadette Mueni took over as the Principal. Sr. Mueni did great progress. She built the computer class, Salon class and 8 students’ toilets. She also helped with the land scapping of the ground and introduced computer and salon class and was present upon its completion. Sr. Mueni worked in the school until 2011 and Sr. Bernadette Ndegwa took over up to 2014.

In 2014 around May she went for sabbatical and Sr. Carolyne Kinywa took over, who worked for just few months and she was requested to take over as the Principal of Ngutani commercial college. In 2014 Sr. Teresia Njoroge became the Principal of the college and  worked in the Centre until 2019 September.

 The Centre is currently run by Sister Agnes Hunter  who took over from Sr. Teresia Njoroge 2019. She has dutifully carried her responsibility task of inspiring, motivating and supporting the students as well as overseeing all the support staffs and administrative work.

Just before the lockdown we had 61 students as shown below:

  • Computer –         2
  • Salon     –          11
  • Dressmaking –  21
  • Tailoring –         27

Total =          61 


To be a model institution of Vocational Education excellence.


To offer quality technical and vocational skills to our trainees by providing a conducive environment to gain skills, knowledge, positive attitudes and values for economic, social and moral empowerment..

Core Values

Christ Centered, Honesty, Hard work, Integrity.

The Center does not only concentrate in vocational skills alone, it also strives to give a holistic approach in its training. In the year 2016, the Center held two seminars for the girls and a team building workshop for the teachers. The girls were also engaged in a charity visit to Nuu Special School where they donated a few items and engaged in a friendly match. This greatly helps the girls to appreciate their giftedness and the value of giving back to the community. This year a day seminar for the girls was held as well as bench marking for teachers and plans are underway for a charity visit to Nuu Special School whereby a school in need of our moral support has been identified.