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Our Lady  of Mercy Ngarariga Girls secondary school started in 1967 when at  the invitation of Archbishop J.J McCarthy of Nairobi, Srs. Francis O’Hara, Benigna Fallon, Martha Geelan and Kathleen Giblin arrived from Mutomo-Kitui. These were Irish Religious Sisters of Mercy who came to provide both education medical facilities. They were formally introduced to the people of Ngarariga by the Parish Council Chairman, Mr. Adoli Kamau on the feast of Our Lady of Mercy on 24th  September 1967. Prior to the coming of the Sisters the site of OLM Ngarariga girls was an intermediate school between 1956 and 1963 when it changed to Bibirioni Boys high school. In 1967 it was handed over to Catholic Church, Sisters of Mercy who set up the girls’ school which has continued to date with that tradition. Since then thousands of girls from many parts of the country have graduated from it, many now holding senior positions in Kenya and abroad. It is their wish to see the school grow from strength to strength.

School Status

The presence of the Sisters of Mercy in the teaching staff continued until 2007 when the lay Principals took over the running of the school. Since then the Sisters of Mercy support is through representation at the BOM and Mercy Education programs. In addition the Sisters of Mercy together with the Archdiocese of Nairobi have continued to ensure that the Catholic tradition of the school is maintained with spiritual support and competent BOM chairpersons and members.

Our Lady of Mercy Ngarariga secondary started shedding off its day-school status in 2009 and it’s now a fully-fledged four streamed boarding girls’ public secondary under the sponsorship of the Catholic Church. Currently the school has a population of 811 students, 30 teachers and other support staff. The  school is funded by school fees from students as well as by Ministry of Education  while Teachers Service commission provide the bulk of the teaching staff  under free secondary Education Scheme (FSE) introduced in 2007. Students sit for the exam offered by Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and follow Ministry’s guidelines and the curriculum.

Ngarariga girls during chastity conference 2020


The school is on a 5 acre plot off the Nairobi/uplands/Nakuru highway about 40 km from Nairobi and about 1 kilometer from the is located in the Ngarariga village ,Bibirioni ward in Limuru  subcounty.


To be academic and training hub for girls in positive character, moral and capacity building.


To mould an all round individual excelling in discipline, diligence, humility and self drive.


Discipline and Diligence for success.


Facilitate quality education by imparting knowledge and skills to enable them fit in the society as self-reliant individuals.

Core values of the school

Respect: To treat all stakeholders with respect, courtesy and delight in their satisfaction.

Efficiency: To achieve the highest value of benefit from the employment of the available resources, particularly to the learner

Integrity: To be accountable, transparent and devoid of corrupt practices by acting in an honest manner.

Continual Improvement: Commitment to settling and maintaining high standards of education through continuous improvement of service delivery.

Fidelity to the court:  To follow to the letter the legislation Ministry of Education Guidelines guiding the running institution.

Self-drive: High sense creativity and improvisation

Inclusiveness: Recognize and appreciate the contribution of all.

Teamwork: To encourage team spirit, collaboration, consultation and maximize on synergies for greater output.

Professionalism: To exercise competency, skill, knowledge and ethical behavior.

Confidentiality: To manage information responsibly

chastity conference 2016


  1. Molding of students to be responsible citizens by developing their talents through impairing knowledge and skills.
  2. Preparation of curriculum support materials
  3. Full implementation of the school curriculum
  4. Ensuring an adequate enabling environment for learning.

 The enrollment has been as follows:

2020: 811 students

2019: 784 students

2017: 651 students