Our Lady of Mercy Girls’ Primary School, Shauri Moyo

Our Lady of Mercy girls primary school, Shauri Moyo(OLMPSM) is the first school where Sisters of Mercy ministered in. It was founded as a girls only school because there was no girls school in that region yet there were several boys in Eastlands. Hence on 5th May 1956 two teaching Sisters of Mercy ; Srs. Consolata and Therese Noel, who had come to Kenya with two others following invitation of the Archbishop Mac Arthey, admitted approximately 300 African girls. At that time in the history of Kenya, very few African girls were sent to school. The parents could only afford to give formal education to boys while the daughters remained at home to look after the younger ones. The girls would soon be married and be mothers hence formal schooling was considered not necessary.

Since its foundation, the school has excelled in both academic and cultural activities. Sr. Consolata who was the first head mistress was very musical. She taught the girls, with the help of the teachers, different Latin Masses. Her motivation saw the girls win a trophy at the Kenya Music Festival on their first entry and this gave all a great encouragement. Sisters of Mercy remained on the staff of the school up to 1994.

Current Status

OLMPSM population has grown over the years to a population of 1100 learners in the year 2020 and a group of dedicated teaching and support staffs. The school has three sections of learning; an ECD centre, primary section and a special unit catering for learners living with disabilities. The current Head teacher is Mrs. Monica Leshamta.

The enrolment has been as follows in the past years;

2020 – 1100 pupils

2019- 823 Pupils

2017 -735 pupils