Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School, South B


Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School is a Girls secondary that was started in January 1962 by the Sisters of Mercy because there was no secondary school for girls in that expanding area. Initially the secondary school section was added to the existing site of our Lady of Mercy primary school Nairobi South. Due to the increasing demand for both primary and secondary education, the latter moved to the current site (covering 3.5 ha) in Hazina in April 1989 as a day school with a single stream. Both schools were administered by different sisters of Mercy until 1999 when lay principals were appointed. The school continues to run as a Public County girl’s school sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi and the support of Sisters of Mercy is through presence in the BOM and programs organized by Mercy Education Office.

Currently the school (which converted to full boarding in 2015) is three streams with a population of over 500 students and about 30 teaching staff. The expectation is to have a 4 stream with a population of 680 girls. Operations of the school are run by school fees as well as the Government fund given in three tranches i.e50:30:20 from term one to term 3 every year. National examination fees are currently being paid for all candidates by the government.

Main Goals

The main goal of Our Lady of Mercy secondary school south B is to be a center for excellence in:-

  • Offering quality accessible education
  • Promote spiritual growth ,maturity and character formation
  • Prepare and produce students who are ready to undertake various professions nationally and globally


A Girls school of choice with capacity to produce all rounded and God fearing students through excellence in academic performance, physical and emotional development.

The pillars of this vision are:-

  • Excellence in academic performance.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Physical and emotional development


To promote quality secondary education aimed at academic excellence, spiritual growth and maturity, innovation, integrity, creativity and physical and emotional development in order to produce students ready to effectively and constructively undertake various professional s nationally and globally.

School Motto

In search of excellence’

Core Values

Fear of God

To give God the honor and glory and respect God’s plans and purposes as the foundation for spiritual growth and maturity.


To maintain high quality of honest and strong moral principles in dealing with others in order to enhance achievement of the goals and objective of the school.


Encourage and promotion of originality in the use of skills and imagination to produce new knowledge and technology to enhance production and productivity to ensure sustainable development and improve livelihoods.

Critical thinking

Involving making careful and balanced judgments about the bad and the good qualities of things in the process of teaching and training of students so that they do not accept everything without questioning.

  • Innovation

Encouragement and promotion of the introduction of new ideas and ways of doing things in order to create new knowledge and technology.

Participation and team work

Through participation all stakeholders and actors are involved to ensure reaching a consensus on main issues .Through team work, greater energy and cost effectiveness are achieved by drawing upon the comparative advantages of diversity of actors.

Embracing Diversity

To respect and tolerate the right of every individual regardless of social position, race, ethnicity, religion and cultural background and building strength based on diversity.


Establishment of good, honesty and sincere relationship through effective communication and interaction to instill confidence in other partners and actors.

Effectiveness and efficiency:

Effectiveness is the extent to which the school will achieve its objectives, while efficiency is the degree to which the school will achieve results with minimum use of resources.


Boarding facilities for students

As the school population continues to increase, the major challenge has been the school dormitory. This is because in 2015 a newly constructed dormitory with a capacity of 450 students developed structural defects making it unfit for human occupation. This meant that as a stop gap measure some students had to be accommodated in the library and in the dining hall. As a result the students’ culture of reading was affected badly and the school BOM managed to construct a semi-permanent structure which accommodates only a third of the students. Hence the BOM continues to search for funds to construct proper dormitories and would appreciate any support especially from Our Lady of Mercy Alumni and well-wishers!

 The enrolment has been as follows:

2020: 720 students

2019: 692 students

2018: 616 students

2017: 544 students

2016: 528 students