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Through different Parishes and Ministry of Education Sisters of Mercy participate as Board Members in the schools associated with at Primary, Secondary and College levels. In the past year we got involved in supporting at the formulation of Strategic Plans for Mater Hospital , Makadara Dispensary, Ngutani  and Chepareria commercial Colleges,  and creating awareness of matters of safeguarding.

For the schools as Board Members we participate during Annual General Meetings and use the opportunity to remind Parents about the Mercy Culture of the schools. Share on relevant pertinent matters and always share ways of safeguarding at home and in the community. In the recent times we are also reminding them on the menace of human trafficking and what they need to do among many other societal challenges.

This happened at tumaini center on 10th of december 2019 and brought together principals, head teachers, BOMs, PTAs and MEO staff for a sharing on basic education, value addition in schools, safeguarding and child protection, human dignity an alternative to comprehensive sexual education and thankgiving mass for the year 2019.