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Santa Mukuru primary school

Mukuru primary school is situated in Mukuru kayaba slum. The school began in 1985 as a non –formal school with about 200 students and four teachers assisted by volunteers. The children who were admitted were children over ten years who had either  been out of school or never been in school before. In 1989, the Sisters of Mercy sent Sr. Mary Kileen to Santa Maria Mukuru as the first official headmistress.

Current status

Since its foundation, the school has grown in leaps  and bounds with 1733 students attending to date with about 30 teachers .It has three streams per class except for class one and 8 which have 2 and 4 streams respectively. A new permanent school was built in collaboration with the ministry of Education of Kenya. It was occupied for the first time at the beginning of third term 2010.

 The enrolment has been as follows in the past years:

2019: 1666 pupils

2018: 1686 pupils

2017: 1256 pupils

2016: 1546 pupils


AHAPPY/HDC Mentorship Program held on 23rd November 2020 where young Ones were taught more about life.