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Songa Mbele na Masomo is Children Centre under Mukuru Promotion Centre that focuses on supporting children living with disabilities and special conditions as well as school drop-outs from Mukuru slums. It is located along Aoko Road (off Kapiti Road) South B, Nairobi. P.O. Box 18623 – 00500 Nairobi, Kenya.


Special unit

This is the unit that has children with special conditions, such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hyperactive Disorder, Hearing Impairment, Convulsion Disorder, Epilepsy, Delayed Speech and Learning Difficulties. The children are supported with basic education, day-care services, hygiene, therapy, medication and education. Fulfillment is achieved when the children improve so well in their social and learning skills and in their activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that they can make decisions on their own

Coaching unit

The unit has children who delayed joining school, or who dropped out of school. They are taken through education programs and gradually get integrated into mainstream institutions. Through these support services offered at the Centre, the institution is able to reduce the stigma experienced by the parents/guardians as well as promote children’s rights to education, affection, care and good health.


To be the leading organization in enhancing provision of relevant skills and knowledge to children living with disabilities and vulnerable children, in Kenya.


To reduce illiteracy, dependency and improve health care among the children living with disabilities and the vulnerable children in Mukuru slums by providing academic coaching, therapy and day-care services

 Core values

The Centre’s operations are driven by:

  • Service
  • Teamwork
  •  Commitment
  • Value for children
  • Integrity
  • Accountability


The Centre’s goal is to promote positive mind set and attitudes towards children living with disabilities, and create a second chance for those children who dropped out of school or delayed joining school. The project focuses on programs and initiatives that aim at social inclusion and educational rights for children living with disabilities and the vulnerable children from Mukuru Slums in Nairobi. The purpose of the project is to enhance daily care, feeding, therapy, learning and participation of children with disabilities as they grow.

In order to keep the Centre going and to help as many needy children as possible, donations are required and can be channeled through the

M-PESA (Mobile cash
transfer in Kenya) Pay Bill No. 600100 Acc. No. 0100004198233

 Program requirements include;

  • Food stuff – maize/wheat flour, dry food like green grams & beans, long life milk, vegetable, dry-fish, sugar, cooking oil, etc.
  • Diapers (Size 5), disinfectants, toilet papers, soap, washing powder, hand -sanitizers, and other hygiene products.
  •  Medication for the children.
  •  Schools fees for the integrated children
  • Stationeries, text books and other learning materials
  • Therapy equipment
  • Games and play equipment
  •  • Clothes and shoes
  •  Staff salaries
  •  other project development activities like constructing a perimeter fence & extra classrooms