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On Sunday 28th November 2020 Mercy education Office In the company of our partners AJAN- African Jesuits AIDS Network and WYA- World Youth Alliance had an opportunity to Visit St. Anne’s Secondary School, Jogoo Road for a Mentorship program to the candidates.

After Mass, Fr. Ismael took the girls through subjects of self-discovery, relationship with God, and role in the society in line with the AHAPPY program approach “I am a beloved creature of God; I , here and Now.”

Cynthia Maingi, WYA Director talked about the work of the WYA as her colleague Wangeci took the ladies through the subject of human dignity.

The day began with celebration of mass led by Fr. Ismael Matambura, AJAN Director.

Fr. Ismael delivered a sermon about the need to be long – suffering, wise and resilient. Keen to inspire the young girls, he presented the life example of Oprah Winfrey, who hailed from harsh conditions in Rural Mississippi, yet toiled and moiled to become a successful and influential person in her society.

Caleb Mwamisi came in later with “personal Goals, HIV/AIDS and Drugs as Rosemary Thungu helped the students understand more on self-awareness and sexuality.

Sr. Rose Macharia and Caroline Kihiu from Mercy Education Office also engaged and inspired the girls. The girls had many questions and a session of responding to them by a panel of all facilitators was held to close the splendid day.