St. Catherine Primary School

St Catherine Primary School was founded in the year 1992 and  is named after Catherine McAuley , foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. It is situated in South B , opposite Mater Hospital on Mukenia road next to Mercy Education Office(MEO). 

The school was brought to life from the compassion of young street children who were out of school and deteriorating in behavior through petty crimes and child prostitution in early 1992 .The school started with temporary classrooms of concrete floors and mabati galvanized sheeting walls and roofs but now has got permanent structures thanks to the help of Sisters of Mercy, the community ,the government and donors.It was soon realized that the children could not concentrate in school on empty stomachs. At first, a local businessman sponsored a school lunch programme until 1993 when world food programme came to their assistance. Also, many of the children were sickly so a clinic was set up to treat them and some very sick adults in the neighborhood. Social and community development workers were engaged to identify the neediest children as well as improve their living standards. The social workers soon discovered many HIV/AIDS orphans and abandoned street children in the villages.At first, the MPC cared for some of children in rented houses in slums but for genuine
rehabilitation to take place, these children needed to be in a safer place away from temptations of substance and sexual abuse.Hence, King Baudouin’s Children’s Home was established to host the children.


The school currently caters for 1211 students and 23 teachers. It has 3 streams of classes starting from class 1 to7 and 4 streams for class 8. There is also an ECDE section in the school. It has teachers from Teachers Service Commission (TSC), the county government as well as various sponsors (i.e DKA).

 The enrolment has been as follows in the past years:

2019: 1317 pupils

2018: 1289 pupils

2017: 1270 pupils

2016: 1218 pupils