St Elizabeth primary school

St. Elizabeth primary school

St. Elizabeth primary school is among the four primary schools situated in Lunga Lunga, Industrial Area. The school began in the year 1991 in a temporary church within Lunga Lunga slums at the request of the parish priest of Makadara;Fr Joseph. In 1993, this school was reallocated on its own plot at the end of the village .As the temporary church within the church was too small for the crowd attending church, the school hall was used for Sunday mass until the new school was built and a semi-permanent church constructed nearby.

It has four streams in both ECD and class 8 while the rest of the classes from class 2 to 7 have 3 streams each. Their motto is “Education is power”.

Largest of our primary school with enrolment of 1885 pupils in 2020. St Elizabeth is known of its excellent performance in the national school choir competition .The Lunga Lunga choir also has the distinction of performing at state presentation for the music festivals.


 The enrolment has been as follows in the past years:

2019: 1938 pupils

2018: 1817 pupils

2017: 1693 pupils

2016: 1528 pupils

Although primary education is now financially supported by the Government of Kenya, MPC supports the four schools through the provision of additional teachers and funds to enable students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as music, sports and occasional outings.