St. Michael’s Secondary School


MPC opened the doors of St. Michael’s Secondary School to 45 students into Form 1 in January 2008. All students are day scholars who live in the local informal sector of Mukuru. Over the years many students have graduated from the school with excellent results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.


Being a school that caters for economically challenged families, MPC runs a sponsorship program that sponsor most of St. Michael’s students and others who qualify for secondary education from MPC sponsored primary schools. Education is one of the most important building blocks for the healthy development of any society. It is absolutely essential for poorer communities, since education empowers people with skills for employment, and a voice to articulate their needs to governments and service providers. Hence, the school specifically targets children from the surrounding Mukuru area. Students with special needs are sponsored to attend appropriate schools while some students are also sponsored to tertiary level education.  These pupils are either orphans, or ex-street boys who have passed through the rehabilitation program. 

Currently, St. Michael’s is a three stream secondary school with a population of 379 students and 20 teachers.

 The enrolment has been as follows:

2020: 379 students

2019: 434 students

2018: 430 students

2017: 394 students

2016: 264 students


“Education our hope” “Elimu tumaini letu”


The Mukuru community attaining sustainable holistic human development and self-reliance.


To provide early childhood development and education, secondary education, vocational skills, social rehabilitation and health services to the Mukuru community.