St. Michael’s Secondary School

MPC opened the doors of St. Michael’s Secondary School to 45 students into Form 1 in January 2008. All students live in the local villages around Mukuru. Over the years many students have graduated from the school have gained excellent results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

MPC runs a sponsorship program to enable students who qualify, but who cannot afford to pay fees to access post-primary education.In the following some are sponsored to secondary school, some to tertiary level and students with special needs attended appropriate schools. In addition pupils are also sponsored to primary education. These pupils are either orphans, or ex-street boys who have passed through the rehabilitation program. 

This program relies on many individual and local corporate donors to continue to provide opportunity to students who would otherwise not fulfill their potential. Most of the students are graduates from our four primary schools. During the year, the social workers conduct home visits to all Class 8 pupils, to assess eligibility for sponsorship. A certain grade achievement is required in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education for sponsorship. Social assessment is also done to confirm that the family is needy.